My Plugins

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My Plugins

Welcome to my plugins page! Here you can find a collection of plugins that I have created to enhance your website and make your life easier. Each plugin is designed with a specific purpose in mind, whether it’s improving your site’s functionality, adding new features, or optimizing its performance.

Below, you will find a list of the plugins I have developed along with a brief description of each:

1. Nox Custom Bible Plugin


Discover an enriching way to interact with the Holy Scriptures on your website with the Nox Custom Bible Plugin. This revolutionary WordPress plugin transforms your site into a dynamic platform for Biblical exploration, enabling your audience to delve into the verses of the Pure Cambridge Edition of the King James Bible seamlessly.

With the Nox Custom Bible Plugin, every scripture reference becomes an invitation to explore the richness of God’s word. Upon hovering over a Bible reference, a pop-up unveils the verse, fostering an immersive and engaging scripture reading experience.

Not only does this plugin allow for an interactive scripture reading experience, but it also honors the authenticity and purity of the King James Bible by utilizing the Pure Cambridge Edition. This ensures that your audience receives the unaltered and true essence of each verse.


  • Interactive Verse Pop-ups: Transform every scripture reference into an interactive portal to the Bible.
  • Pure Cambridge Edition Text: Offer the unadulterated word of God to your audience using the revered Pure Cambridge Edition of the King James Bible.
  • Easy Customization: Tailor the plugin to meet your site’s look and feel with ease.
  • Seamless Integration: Smoothly integrates with your WordPress website, creating a harmonious user experience.

Unveil the beauty, wisdom, and truth of the scriptures in an interactive and user-friendly manner with the Nox Custom Bible Plugin. Your audience will appreciate the effortless access to scriptural insights right at their fingertips, fostering a deeper connection to the divine word.

Elevate your website’s spiritual journey today with the Nox Custom Bible Plugin – where every verse is a voyage to divine wisdom.

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