Not A Morning Person? Need Motivation? Read Now

What\’s your favorite time of day?

I\’m definitely not a morning person, my schedule consists of late nights no sleep lots of coffee Etc. It\’s difficult needless to say sometimes to have motivation when my life is like that. If you\’re not a morning person like I\’m not, preferring to work at night, and in the afternoon into the evening. Then motivation is more than likely something you need.

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Above all I think it\’s important to remember that sleep is important, and do not lose sight of that. I can\’t speak for you but as for me some days days will continue on without eating, or not remembering to eat that is. And this is something that in my own life I am determined fix.

Motivation is the key characteristic to success, and although I am successful in my work life, and my health life I suffer.

I believe we all need to start a dialogue with our self and write down five things that we need to change or be motivated in that we are currently not. And then work on tackling each challenge as it comes. Creating new habits to form a better outcome.

So as to the question what is my favorite time of day. I would have to say more than likely the evening, it is when I feel the most accomplishment. And the most awake.

In the comments below let me know what your favorite time of day is and why.

My wife Nicole is currently working on breaking out of certain habits and it started to blog on the subject of staying motivated, introspection, and removing laziness from one\’s life. Give it a check at

Looking at top performers in any field we can learn one key aspect and that is that motivation, and laziness are not part of their routine. Although good health, and the ability to stay motivated and be functional in any situation is highly important, and a key aspect of why they are where they are.

Why do we lose motivation?

Losing motivation is honestly part of the Frailty of the human being. Motivation normally does not come without carefully training and maintaining one\’s mental and physical attitude towards any situation.

It is in times of great stress that it is even more important than ever to remember and motivation can slip away from us if we do not maintain a discipline toward the habit. Habits are extremely important to maintaining Peak focus and energy.

So why do we lose motivation. Usually because of bad habits produced over a lifetime, or a short time of not keeping discipline in the Forefront of our mind. And not only discipline in our mind but also carrying it out in action. Action is the Cornerstone Foundation of habits. Even doing the wrong action over and over and over becomes a habit over time, action can act independently without discipline. But discipline without creating habit will never succeed.

So what starts today by forming new habits and disciplines and every area of our life.

I hope you all have a good weekend remember to stay motivated, disciplined, let\’s form new habits together.

If you have a productive life-altering discipline habit or tip of how to stay motivated successfully please feel free to share it in the comments. Don\’t forget to like our post and share it on social media.

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