Nox Custom Bible WordPress Plugin: Scripture Referencing System

Hey everyone! I am thrilled to share my latest creation – the Nox Custom Bible Plugin for WordPress, a seamless tool designed to bring Bible verse references to life on your website.

With just a hover, your audience can view the complete verse references without having to leave the page. It\’s perfect for Bible study groups, church websites, or any platform that references scripture.

I\’ve hosted the plugin on Github, and it\’s open for contributions and improvements. You can check it out, download it, and even tweak it to fit your preferences. Here’s the link to the repository: Nox Custom Bible on Github.

Screenshot of plugin on wordpress site


  • Highlight Bible references in your content.
  • Display the full verse in a popup on mouse hover.
  • Customize the look to match your site’s theme.
  • Easy to install and use!

Your feedback, contributions or feature suggestions are most welcome! Feel free to fork, star, or open issues on the repository.

Together, let\’s make exploring Bible verses on digital platforms a rich and rewarding experience. Don’t miss out on this chance to enhance your website’s scripture referencing system with the Nox Custom Bible Plugin. Head over to the Github repository and give it a try!

Future Improvements Checklist for Nox Custom Bible Plugin

The journey to making the Nox Custom Bible plugin a comprehensive tool for exploring and comparing scriptures is an ongoing process. Below is a checklist of anticipated improvements aimed at enhancing user experience and functionality:

1. Custom Bible Database Uploads:

  • Enable users to upload custom Bible databases in various formats.
  • Ensure compatibility with different Bible versions and languages.

2. Switch Between Multiple Versions:

  • Integrate a feature to allow users to switch between different Bible versions effortlessly.
  • Ensure seamless transition and accurate verse mapping across different versions.

3. Compare Window Functionality:

  • Develop a compare window feature that allows users to compare two different Bible versions side by side.
  • Ensure clarity and ease of use in the comparison interface.

4. Improved Verse Notation Recognition:

  • Work on the plugin\’s ability to recognize a wider range of verse notations.
  • Improve error handling and provide clear feedback for unsupported notations.

5. Mobile Responsiveness:

  • Enhance mobile responsiveness to ensure a seamless user experience across various devices.

6. Performance Optimization:

  • Optimize the plugin\’s performance to ensure fast loading times and minimal impact on the website\’s overall performance.

7. Enhanced Pop-up Functionality:

  • Improve the design and functionality of verse pop-ups.
  • Include options for users to customize the appearance and behavior of pop-ups.

8. Accessibility Improvements:

  • Ensure that the plugin is accessible, following the best practices in web accessibility.

9. User Documentation and Support:

  • Expand user documentation to cover new features and provide clear instructions.
  • Establish a support channel for users to report issues and seek assistance.

10. More Ideas Coming Soon:

- Stay tuned for more exciting features and improvements that will enhance your scripture reading and exploration experience.

Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable as we work towards these improvements. Feel free to contribute your ideas and stay engaged with the ongoing development on our GitHub repository.

Firstly, what is the Pure Cambridge Edition King James Bible

The Pure Cambridge Edition (PCE) of the King James Bible emerged around 1900 and is often hailed by some groups for its meticulous adherence to the original text as completed in 1611 when the Authorized Version was finished​1​​2​. This edition is the result of a process of textual editing that occurred over the centuries, aimed at refining and preserving the accuracy and integrity of the scriptures. Unlike revisions, these edits mainly involved standardization of spelling and did not alter the original text\’s meaning or content​2​.

The importance of the Pure Cambridge Edition can be rooted in its adherence to the original text, making it a reliable version for those seeking an unadulterated understanding of the scriptures. Over the decades, it has been used, often unknowingly, as the received text, highlighting its acceptance and trustworthiness among believers​1​.

In contrast, other editions of the King James Bible might contain minor alterations due to changes in spelling, punctuation, or printing standards over the centuries. These changes, although often minor, can potentially lead to variations in interpretation or understanding, making editions like the PCE more sought after by those desiring a version of the Bible that is as close to the original 1611 text as possible.

In summary, the Pure Cambridge Edition\’s significance lies in its faithful adherence to the original Authorized Version of 1611, providing a reliable and unaltered text for readers and scholars. This adherence differentiates it from other editions of the King James Bible that may have experienced minor alterations over time.

A Special Acknowledgment:

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Bible Protector for providing the Pure Cambridge Edition database file which played a pivotal role in the development of our Nox Custom Bible plugin. Their dedication to preserving and sharing the authentic and unaltered text of the King James Bible is truly commendable and has been an inspiration for our project.

The availability of such a well-organized and accurate database was instrumental in ensuring that our plugin delivers precise and trustworthy scripture references to users. We are honored to have had the opportunity to integrate such a valuable resource into our work.

We highly recommend our readers to visit Bible Protector to explore the wealth of information and resources they have available for anyone seeking to delve deeper into the scriptures. Your commitment to the Word is not only admirable but greatly beneficial to the broader community of believers and scholars.

Thank you, Bible Protector, for your invaluable contribution to the world of biblical studies and for supporting projects like ours. Your efforts are a true testament to the spirit of sharing and collaboration within the Christian community.

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