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3D printing service, a quick overview of our business practice.

Business practice? when hiring a 3D printing service it is always important first make sure that the item you are needing printed as well thought out. are you looking for aesthetics? or functionality? and so on.

you\’ll also want to think about other common practices of 3D printers, and 3D printer services. are you wanting to order in bulk?

recently we printed an order for a client they consisted of over 100 key chains, there was an aesthetic need for the keychain design. so we chose to go with a resin medium. the print was successful after a few tries, and the entire order got it completed and shipped out to our client.

one thing running a 3D printing service that I have noticed, and I tried to advise all clients of is that it\’s important to communicate exactly what you were wanting. 3D printing is a technique, indifferent types of 3D prints take different types of techniques. because of this it is always advised to make sure that orders are clearly defined, and that any wants or needs be mentioned and conveyed.

it also is important to understand that even the smallest simplest objects sometimes can run into print issues. failed prints can take hours to figure out thankfully with state-of-the-art technology, and experience and technique. a lot of those issues can be resolved quickly, or not even happen to begin with.

this process should be simple, but if you don\’t feel comfortable with the way that we\’re going then please let me know and we can try another method.

right now you are on our main domain, you can also visit the shop which is currently under development. and will home many products of all types. shop.jamesnox.com

our goal is for every purchase to be satisfactory. to do our part, we need to make sure that as clients you know what we need from you. that is why we have instituted a one-on-one workflow. were we talking communicate with you as the customer. very little automation goes into our business model. each print is checked, issues with print files or noted, and questions are asked so that we can get you the best product on the market.

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